"Always aspire to become more"

About Us


Established in 2017, Jaeger Projects is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor and proudly 51% black woman owned multi-disciplined company based in Secunda, South Africa. We render services in construction, maintenance, electrical, power generation, iron mongery, tool & equipment retail, personal protective equipment & safety solutions. We also have a strong creative design background and can even handle brand development with ease.


The vision of Jaeger Projects is to become the preferred provider of an array of quality services in the civil and construction industries, with safety at the heart of all our operations and methods. We constantly strive to find our clients the most cost effective solutions while maintaining the highest possible standards. We aim to create employment and develop skills in the communities where we are tasked to work. Thus developing the community to better living standards.


Jaeger Projects intend to improve the standard of living and empower disadvantaged communities by providing employment opportunities and skills development to people in the localised communities where we render our services. It is also our mission to improve the quality of civil work and construction in our country by using skilled and reliable employees.


  • Creating an environment for innovation.
  • Transparency throughout the company.
  • Exceptional is achievable.
  • Safety in everything we do.
  • Loyalty and reliability leads to sustainability.

Objectives & Goals

  • To create skilled labour with accredited training and exposing employees to best practices.
  • To provide a safe working environment while maintaining industry standards.
  • To add value to our clients' investments by implementing cost effective but high standard methods of construction.
  • To keep on growing and expanding our footprint which will create more employment opportunities.

Safety & Environment

Safety is one of our core values and also at the heart of every thing we do. We make it our highest priority to ensure that all our employees have access to all the required personal protective equipment they require, whether it is mandatory requirements from our clients or trade specific. We believe that every task done safely is a family seeing each other at the end of a workday. Therefor we commit ourselves as a company to supply the necessary training and safety policies to ensure that every employee can go home to their families without harm.

Natural resources are always under constant threat and we need to preserve the earth as far as we can. With this being said we as a company will strive to always provide our services ethically and respect the earth and her resources. Future generations will look back at how we stood up to the challenge of protecting our resources in an era where it is needed more than any of us could possibly realise.