"Exceptional is achievable through service delivery"



As the industrial sector continuously evolve and demand for products grow, there is a constant need to maintain equipment and plant to ensure operational integrity. Whether you are a small recycling facility or a multi-national industry giant... Without running equipment, there is no business. We can supply solutions for both maintenance and GO based outages and understand the time constraints that come with loss of productivity.

Electrical Services

In our efforts to simplify the processes involved for our clients, we have established relationships with industry leading electrical component manufacturers. Establishing reseller relations with these companies allow us to be competitively priced as an end user and installer. We offer components in LV, MV and HV categories.

Power Generation

We live in uncertain times with regards to our national power grid stability. For this very reason we have become resellers and installers of Bundu Generators. We can supply you with power generation solutions tailor made to suit your needs. With single phase generators ranging from 2kVA to 20kVA and 3 Phase ranging from 12kVA to 900kVA as our standard selection. We can also do custom generators up to 1700kVA on request. Our latest addition is the Generac Gas generators with capabilities ranging from single phase 8kVA to 3 Phase 500kVA.

Tool and Equipment Retail

As registered resellers we can competitively quote on a variety of tools, equipment and consumables used in the construction, maintenance and metalworking industries. This allows us to buy at lower than retail prices and that gives us an edge over the competition. We are registered resellers of Lukas Abrasives, Pferd, Festool, Rawlplug and TOPTUL to mention only a few.

Personal Protective Equipment & Safety Solutions

During the national lock down we had to think on our feet. This gave us a new direction by supplying hygiene and medical PPE as well as bulk sanitiser solutions. This did however open the door to other industrial PPE and safety solutions being made available to us. We can supply on demand and comply with the highest standards as required from our clients.