About Us

This is where the story gets told of how we came to be

A little bit of history

It all started with an intense interest with the inside workings of a computer 27 years ago when I took apart my dad's 286 IBM desktop... The aftermath you can imagine.

Developing on the hardware end was my forte for many years until one day 15 years ago... I found a forum for pc junkies that I started visiting regularly and saw everyone had the most amazing avatars and signatures. I wanted to have my own and started with crop images of my favourite things. As the internet grew more information became available to me and I discovered photoshop. This is when things started getting interesting.

Self taught and still going

I wanted to know more about how the program worked and started researching techniques and methods on the internet (I still do...). The more I learned the better my designing got and 7 years ago I took the plunge and bought Adobe CS5. A whole new world opened up as I now had Illustrator as well and never fully realised how powerfull the two programs are until I started combining them.

Upgraded to CS6 4 years back and actually got brave enough to start freelancing. In 2016 I took a job as lead designer for a local printing company and got to learn a whole lot in the time I spent there. On these pages you will find images of the work I have done and I will regularly update these pages..

Jaeger Projects is born

2017 came along and I decided that I have grown enough take the chance and proceeded with registering a private company. Everything went well and business was slowly picking up. Still busy learning and even started with Dreamweaver and web design.

Now we are in 2019 and I bought Corel Draw 2018 as wel as the full suite of Adobe CC applications. Keeping up to date with the latest software and techniques allows me to make better and stronger suggestions to my clients.